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Join PMI Region 3 Chapter Leaders and Membership for a fun-filled morning of pertinent presentations, networking activities, and more.


Session Abstracts:

PMI 4.0 Strategy (Larissa Moran)

This session will provide an update of where we are in PMI 2.0 Strategy and overview of the PMI 4.0 Strategy & North America Strategy, highlighting the PMI 4.0 toolkit for Region 3 Chapter Leaders.  This session is a follow up to the North America Leader Chats held by Brantlee Underhill in Q1 of 2021 and will allow for R3 Leaders to discuss regional strategy implementation ideas and ask region specific questions as we quickly approach PMI 4.0 implementation in the latter half of 2021. 

Diversity, Culture, & Inclusiveness with Jennifer Oxley-Weekes and Jeffrey Thompson

Join Jeffrey as he takes us through a “Year in Review” explaining how Toronto started their program, including what they have done this past year, as well as what is still to come.  Next hear Jennifer discuss Lakeshore, Ontario's approach to applying the basics and fundamentals which are necessary for the development of your DE&I initiative.    

At the end of the session, chapters should be able to tackle what seems like a painstaking and lengthy process and get your DE&I initiative started. 

Mentoring Tool: Mentorly (Aliki Courmanopoulos)

PMI-Montréal has had a stable mentorship program for the last 15 years. The mentorship programs provide new members a personalized introduction to the chapter and its volunteers, an invaluable asset. Members who go through the mentorship program have stronger retention rates and give back to the community more than members who join the chapter for the certification discounts. Growing the mentorship program is part of the chapter's strategic plan for increasing its retention rates and membership, however capacity issues with volunteers made expanding the programs difficult.

In 2020, PMI-Montreal's mentorship program went online using the platform Mentorly which allowed the chapter to create new mentorship programs and maintain control of the program. It also gave the mentoring volunteers more opportunity to create value for the program rather than spending their energy on administrative tasks

Keynote: #NextGenPM (Kamil Mroz)

Through the decade ending in 2020, 15.7 million new project management roles have been created (PMI, Pulse of the Profession). The profession has grown dramatically and continues to change dramatically. In today’s rapidly changing and now more competitive environment (not only with fellow PMs, but also with the “future of work”), Project Managers must adapt to the changing realities or fall behind. Agile, Automation, digital transformation, big data – all have a great potential to change the world, but equally put pressure on the workforce of Project Managers. The profession is adapting, and at an individual level, project management professionals must also adapt, and carve their path of professional development. As universities try to prepare graduates for jobs that don’t yet exist, it’s imperative that graduates and young professionals seek out multi-generational insights to drive their personal development in these uncertain times.


“As a new generation of leaders rise around the world, we are seeing them have additional guiding principles and motivations when compared to earlier generations. Organizations are already rethinking how they can attract, retain and help foster this generation of talent,” said Sunil Prashara, President and CEO of Project Management Institute. “This next generation of project leaders are deeply committed to driving change across the world – from having a deep sense of social responsibility and improving the environment to driving diversity and inclusion.” Kamil MROZ is one of those individuals featured on this list of some of the biggest change makers of their generation.

This keynote presentation will serve to inspire project managers with insights, guidance and practical advice that they need to be ready for the challenges of the 21st century! #NextGenPM #PMIFuture50.

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It is no longer possible to register for this event


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Date: 5 June 2021

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