Let's Share Our Experience!

Nowadays, with almost everyone posessing a camera phone, so many great moments can be captured and shared to enhance our experience and our memories. This year, we have a variety of options to enhance the experience leveraging these digital tools.


To join our Slack channel during the LIR3M, please CLICK HERE!

Please be sure to be active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn during the LIR3M so we can all connect, capture and share the great moments we don't want to forget!

We have created the hashtag #2019LIR3M which will help us ensure content from our event is linked and can be easily found. Please add this to any social media posts you are making during your time at the LIR3M.


Photos and Videos from the 2019 LIR3M in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!

For photos and videos from the 2019 LIR3M in Ottawa that were shared by our attendees and volunteer photographer, Ross MacDonald, please CLICK HERE!

Presentations from the 2019 LIR3M in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!

For copies of many of the presentations from the 2019 LIR3M in Ottawa, please CLICK HERE!