What is the LIR3M?

The LIR3M is an annual meeting for PMI's Region 3 which consists of 18 Chapters in North America's North-East.
"LIR3M" stands for The Leadership Institute Region 3 Meeting. Previously known as the "Region 3 Summit", this annual gathering started in 1997 and has grown every year with the parallel growth of the Project Management Institute and North-Eastern North America's project management community, which has welcomed many new Chapters and members to Region 3 in the time since.
The primary goal of the LIR3M is to provide learning, sharing and networking opportunities to Chapter Leaders from all Chapters within PMI's Region 3 to keep up with the evolving needs of professional Project Managers who hold membership with PMI. The LIR3M supports our perpetual efforts to deliver unrivaled value to PMI membership.
Every year, a different chapter within PMI's Region 3 hosts the LIR3M with a new Project Team, giving each year a unique feel and program for attendees. In addition, with the changing names and faces of Region 3 Chapter Leaders, valuable networking opportunities are always present and fresh ideas are always being introduced and exchanged.
If you are a Chapter Leader within PMI's Region 3, please speak with your board about your intentions to participate in this year's LIR3M! We are looking forward to seeing you there!